Celebrity Maternity Fitness

In honor of last night’s Oscars and Jena Dewan-Tatum rocking that baby bump (below) I thought I would post something about Celebrity Prenatal and Postnatal fitness.  While it’s true that celebs typically have more resources (personal trainer, personal chef, etc) than we common folk, there are some basic eating and fitness solutions that can help all mamas stay fit during pregnancy and lose the weight after.

Our friends at Austin, TX based Total Mommy Fitness have a great article about how the stars loose their baby weight. Click here to check it out.

Jenna Dewan Tatum Baby Bump - Maternity

Gestational Diabetes

About half way through my pregnancy I found out that I had developed Gestational Diabetes. GD is something that can happen during pregnancy when your insulin receptors do not work properly, which causes elevated blood sugar levels. Although I eat pretty healthy for the most part, I do have an affinity for sweets. I was pretty bummed about my diagnosis and had a tough time dealing with it at first. My doctor recommended that I take a course at The Women’s Hospital to learn about Gestational Diabetes and how to control it through healthy eating and exercise. I took the class and would highly recommend it to anyone diagnosed with this disorder. It taught me how to eat properly as a first time diabetic. It is more than just cutting out sugars completely. I learned how to pair protein with complex carbs to slow the body’s absorption of sugars. I also learned that my morning OJ was the equivalent to eating a candy bar. I learned to avoid fruits early in the morning (when your glucose levels are the most out of whack) and also late at night. I learned about portion control and eating several small meals each day rather than 3 large meals. I learned that Justin’s Nut Butter packets are a pregnant diabetic’s best friend! I carried them with me at all times. There was even a chocolate almond butter one for when I had a sweet tooth. I also quickly realized that there are not very many protein bars that are diabetic friendly. I found the Atkins bars to have the best protein to carb ratio and would keep them in my desk for mid-day snacks. In addition to diet control, exercise was the other piece to keeping my GD in check naturally so that I did not have to control it medically (with pills or insulin shots). In my first trimester and most of my second trimester I did a modified cross-training workout geared towards pregnant moms (I will tell you more on this later). Around the end of my second trimester the workouts were getting a little tough so I started walking instead. I would walk 3 -4 times a week for about 30-45 minutes. I did this up through the end of my pregnancy. Although having the Gestation Diabetes was tough it really helped me out in the long run. It helped me to eat healthier and be more conscious of what I was putting into my body. It also helped me to stay active and make fitness a priority during my pregnancy experience.

Making Time for Exercise

Did you know that staying active while pregnant can not only keep you healthy but can also help to make labor and delivery easier on both mama and baby?

Making time to exercise is important even if it is only 30 minutes of walking. Staying active will help to keep pregnancy weight gain in control, give you more energy and help you to sleep better.

Check out this article from The Bump for ways to fit prenatal exercise into your busy schedule: Staying Fit

Mini Me Maternity

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