Mommy To Be Must Haves

As many of you know I am pregnant with my second daughter and due in 4 weeks! Being pregnant while chasing around a toddler and working full time is extremely tiring. Here are some of my Mommy To Be Must Haves that have made my maternity experience more enjoyable:

  • Pedicures: Schedule regular pedicures keep your poor swollen feet looking and feeling good.
  • Chapstick: Plain old drugstore chapstick works wonders for the havoc that pregnancy will wreak on your lips.
  • Water & Sleep: These two may seem obvious but staying hydrated and sleeping while you can will help you to look and feel so much better while pregnant. Naps are a pregnant ladies best friend!
  • Coco-butter Lotion: This may be an old wives tale but it has worked well for me. Using coco-butter lotion on your stomach and legs can help to keep your skin soft and keep the stretch marks at bay.
  • Prenatal Vitamins: In addition to being healthy for your baby, prenatal vitamins have the added benefit of helping with hair and nail growth.
  • Pamper Yourself: Before your new little one arrives take time out of your busy schedule to do nice things for you. Go get a massage, or have your hair done. Go have lunch with girlfriends or get your favorite treat. Enjoy some downtime before your precious little one gets here.