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Planning Newborn Photos by Kaitlynn Clothier of Clothier Imagery:


I am so guilty of this, and I really should know better since photography is my profession. While I was pregnant, everyone told me how fast things would go, and of course I responded with some sort of understanding. But really, I had no idea!! Before I was a mom I didn’t quite understand how frightening it is to schedule baby’s first big photoshoot in the first ten days. I mean, you have over a week, right? But since two to three days of that is spent in the hospital, and then when you get home, your baby probably has night and day confused (like my baby girl did). So I often wouldn’t even get the call to schedule a session for my clients before the baby was ten days old.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had big plans. I was going to do creative weekly photos, and keep up with what I was thinking and feeling. I was going to save up and get the best maternity and newborn photos done. Pictures are my thing so it was important to me! Then the exhaustion set in, the nausea, and the busyness of life. When I reached my third trimester and realized I hadn’t even started my weekly pictures, in fact I had only a handful of photos of me pregnant at all. I started to panic as time continued to slip away. I knew I was going to do better with my daughter, if all else failed I could do pictures of her myself, right?

After being induced which ended in a c-section we finally made it home when Elena was three days old. I hadn’t arranged her photos. I kept putting it off since I thought I could just do it myself. We took so many pictures of her with our cell phones; she was the star of instagram! I didn’t find myself feeling up to much, especially wrangling my newborn into creative poses for photos. I just wanted to soak up the snuggles or get some sleep. So that’s what we did, until I realized she was eleven days old and already changing so much! How could she be so different already? Time needed to slow down! I was in a panic again, what would I do if I didn’t have pictures I could hang on my walls of this sweet newborn baby? I just kept thinking she will never be this small again, she’s just going to grow up faster and faster. In the midst of my panic I got her scheduled with a photographer and she made us beautiful photos and I was able to relax.


The great thing that came along with my beautiful daughter, is that I had a whole new understanding of my new parents. I have now been there, done that, and it changed my business completely. I tell my clients to let me know how things are going, I like to stay in the loop and get babies in the studio right away. When I get started with a new client I don’t just find a spot on my calendar and write them in and move on. I know the excitement and anticipation leading up to the birth of your child, I’ve been there! My desire for your session is to give you timeless pieces of art you can treasure forever, whether that be framed portraits, albums, or canvas wraps. I meet with my clients when they reach out to me, before we even book anything, for a consultation and planning appointment. I sit down with you and listen to your hopes for your photographs, and we get to know each other. This makes picture time easy, and you know you are getting everything you want out of it! We also start planning your newborn session while you are still pregnant. Giving me time to get creative and personalize your session is a huge part of the process. When we meet in person we get a chance to discuss your home decor, and the nursery specifically. I then go out and shop around and pick some things that will work perfectly with what you already have planned for your little one, a session uniquely tailored to you!

This luxury full service experience isn’t possible when rushed, and it doesn’t stop after the photos are taken. After your session I go through and pick the best of the best and eliminate any unflattering images or duplicates. I fully edit and retouch all of them. You won’t see anything other than a fully finished image so it will be easy to imagine the final products on your wall! Next, I come back and sit down with you in the comfort of your own home for an ordering appointment. We look through all the pictures, and sort through physical proofs. You are able to touch and feel samples, as I walk you through the entire ordering process. By the time we are done we have created the art you dreamed of, and you don’t have to do a thing. I hand deliver your order and everything is ready to hang or display.


Looking back on it, I wish I had invested in that kind of full service experience. That’s why I offer it to all of my clients. Having someone who knew what they were doing to take control when I was tired and moving a million miles an hour preparing and then caring for a newborn would have made my life easier! I’m so excited to be able to offer this service to my clients.

Kaitlynn Clothier

Clothier Imagery